How to sell broken iPhone

If you have a broken iPhone that is sitting in your home junk drawer, you need to know how to sell broken iPhone to make extra cash from it. There are people who think that once an iphone has been broken, it becomes useless and that it should be tossed into the trash. However, you can make money from your broken iPhone if you have tips to enable you to sell it. Whether the iPhone has a broken button, shattered screen or dead battery, you can make some cash out of it. Here are tips that will enable you to sell your broken iPhone at the best price possible.

Repair it first

You can have your broken iPhone repaired before you sell it. By repairing the iPhone, you increase the price that you will ask potential buyers to give you for it. Several spare parts are available for different models of iPhones. There are also many repair shops that will fix the problem of your iPhone. Take time to find out more about shops that repair broken iPhones and their prices. Choose a shop that is run by professionals to ensure that your iPhone is repaired professionally.

Consider the warranty of your damaged iPhone

Apple warranties many things on their iPhones. It is therefore important that you check the warranty to find out whether the device is under the warranty that you were given when you bought it. This will enable you to determine whether you can have the cost of repairing the damaged iPhone met by the manufacturer. Do not be surprised to find that Apple can repair your damaged iPhone free of charge or even replace it. When you’re endeavoring to dispose of your old Appleproducts, you can either give them away to a companion, offer them for some money, or send them to the reusing warehouse.Either way, you will sell broken iPhone at a higher amount or even use it.

Repair the iPhone yourself

If the damage on your iPhone is minor, you can fix it yourself. There are many online sources with tips and guides on how to fix different iPhone problems. However, before you attempt to repair the problem of your iPhone, make sure that you have the knowledge on how to do it. This is because if you are not careful, you will end up damaging the iPhone further. If you are following an online guide in repairing your iPhone, be sure that it is guaranteed to work. Otherwise, it is advisable that you send your damaged iPhone to a professional and reputable technician to repair it.

Choose the right channel via which to sell the iPhone

There are many ways of selling a broken iPhone. Several online stores will also buy your broken iPhone or let you sell it. It is important that you take your time to find out which is the best channel via which you can sell your damaged iPhone. This is very important because each way of selling a broken iPhone has its pros and cons. Therefore, study each channel carefully to determine how to sell broken iPhone so that you can get the best deal on your damaged iPhone.To find more deals on how to sell your iphone  Visit us on twitter

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